“excellence in public affairs and public relations”

Public Relations

Modern organizations and governments find it important to bring their message in an efficient and transparent manner under the attention of their audiences. This requires a clear and thoughtful communication strategy. Exelcom supports its domestic and foreign clients with the development of strategic and creative communication plans. When it comes to implementing the plans Exelcom advises on the use of various communication tools and how to generate free publicity in print, radio, television, online, or through social media. Exelcom also provides its clients with guidance and execution of the organization of special meetings and conferences as well how to organize its relation management. Special projects which has been carried out by Exelcom include 50 years European Movement, Nationale Taxidag; 70 years Foreign Press Association in the Netherlands, the annual Dr. Sicco Mansholt Lecture, the Annual Hague Telecom Meeting, the Annual Sustainability Conference "Van Cancun tot Meterkast" , the launch of the European subsidy program ‘Kansen voor West’ in The Hague and the European U.S. Elections tour by Wolf Blitzer (CNN).

Matters of protocol occasioned by the attendance of members of the Royal House, Cabinet members and foreign VIPs played an important role in quite a number of these events.

Press policy

Press contacts are a key element of communication policy.

Exelcom leverages its extensive network within the printed media and radio and television industry for clients and helps to devise press strategies, release statements, write and/or edit and issue press releases, initiate and organise interviews, work visits and press conferences. Exelcom is also active via social media.