“excellence in public affairs and public relations”

Public Affairs

Exelcom establishes contacts with decision-makers in government and politics for its clients. Exelcom is familiar with all aspects of political processes and anticipates decision-making and legislation relating to issues affecting the client. It ensures that the interpretations, arguments and wishes of the client are made known to the right person at the right time so that policy is steered in the required direction.

With years of experience within the corridors of power in The Hague and in Brussels, Exelcom has established an excellent reputation among officials and politicians alike. Exelcom is meticulous, working behind the scenes while remaining a familiar face. Clients and decision-makers can be sure that the information Exelcom provides and receives is correct and is treated as confidential. The steady flow of requests from political and government bodies for information from Exelcom’s files provides proof that its manner of working is greatly appreciated.

Exelcom provides a specialised service to technology, media and telecommunications companies. These are dynamic sectors undergoing rapid development. The problems facing these sectors are often highly technical and specialised. In-depth knowledge of case files and the related legislation is vital for ensuring successful operation in these sectors. In recent years, Exelcom has specialised in this field and is able to express technical concepts in language that is easily understood.

Naturally, this knowledge and experience of the political process is also used for the benefit of clients from other sectors.